hand made pork stick
First things first! Delicious hand-made asymmetry: pork skewer (souvlaki) from juicy pieces of pancetta, leg, neck or saddle. Single-taste or combo.
machine pork stick
Accurately diced, finger-linking good! Dicer-made but equally delicious pork skewer, in various combinations and sizes. Flat, dice or steak on a skewer.
Mouth-watering, thinly-sliced gyros cut from meats of your choice and weights to your absolute satisfaction. Classic or marinated, with Mediterranean or Oriental flavor notes. Sprinkle with spices of your choice, and… bon appétit!
pork roll
All in a roll! Stuffed pork neck or leg, traditional taste (tomato, feta cheese, olives and herbs) or classic (ham, Gouda cheese, herbs), light (mushrooms, carrots, tomato, herbs) or filled with sweet red peppers (“Florina pepper”) and Philadelphia cheese. And come Christmas, it’s time for our special festive recipe. Don’t forget to ask!
The elegant delight: breaded schnitzel made from tender pork leg pieces, plain or marinated. An all-time classic taste.
pork pieces
Improvise and enjoy! We provide you with the best quality cuts for the bbq of your dreams. Pieces of neck, plain or marinated, ready to make your own souvlaki etc: Pancetta in slices or chunks, pieces of leg or saddle, in varied cuts.