chicken skewer
Taste in cubes! Chicken skewer made from leg or breast fillet or a combination of both. Plain or marinated, just meat or paired with fresh vegetables, in various sizes and weights.
Chicken Gyros
Gyros delight –thinly cut slivers from a whole chicken, leg or breast fillet or a mouth-watering combo. Sprinkled with the herbs of your choice, and doused in Mediterranean or oriental flavor marinades.
Juicy, spicy, finger-licking good! Chicken burger made from 70% meat mixed with fine herbs or stuffed with cheese (Gouda or Philadelphia), in various sizes.
Chicken roll
Roll on the taste! Breast or leg fillet stuffed with the finest assortment: traditional (tomato, feta cheese, olives and herbs), classic (ham, Gouda cheese, herbs), light (mushrooms, carrots, tomato, herbs) or sweet red peppers (“Florina pepper”) and Philadelphia cheese. And for your Christmas banquet, don’t forget to order our special recipe!
chicken nugget
Here comes the best for chicken-nugget lovers! Juicy, breaded breast fillet, plain or marinated, in single whole-piece portions or morsels. If just the fillet is not enough, you can have it stuffed with ham and cheese (Cordon Bleu). Frozen morsels come in IQF (individually quick frozen) form.
bacon wrapped chicken rolls
Delicious bacon wrapped chicken rolls! Morsels of breast or leg fillet, on skewers or single-piece on toothpick, or a three-piece Chinese bamboo skewer, wrapped in bacon. The fine taste of chicken and the savory flavor of bacon in a hard-to-resist combination!
chicken pockets
A purse of yummy surprises! “Pockets” of leg fillet with traditional (tomato, feta cheese, olives, herbs) or classic ingredients (ham, Gouda cheese, herbs) light (mushrooms, carrots, tomato, herbs) or stuffed with sweet red peppers (“Florina pepper”), Philadelphia cheese and herbs.
Chicken pieces
Chicken Fiest! Fillet, breast, drumsticks, intestines, neck, breast and leg fillet or a whole boned chicken –plain or marinated and grilled to perfection!